40 Days to Better Living—Hypertension

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40 Days to Better Living--Hypertension

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    My husband struggled for years with hypertension. He tried exercise, the DASH diet, a low salt diet, a vegetarian diet, medications, etc. Finally, I discovered Dr. His blood pressure started to drop within a few days. Within 6 weeks he was off his blood pressure medication. His blood pressure has been normal for several years now. The article, however, does not provide the answer to the question. The question is, physical exercise is expected to prevent hypertension, yet, though I workout in the gym, why must I have hypertension?

    It seems this was not enough. I think, gradual increase in the severity of workout is necessary for improvement. Unless, of course, another cause is discovered for the raised BP. I agree that there seems to be a threshold for exercise.

    A lot of people assume that the importance of exercise is sweating out salt, but it is far from clear that is the mechanism. I have blood pressure and i am on medisations too, but i have high potassium levels what should I do to reduce the potassium levels. Please eat more potassium rich foods and drink celery juice and red beet juice, pure chocolate as well as follow the DASH dieet and reduce stress and loss weight if necessary.

    Check you blood pressure yourselves at home. It is independent of any one and should be part of your daily activity. Wish you all good luck. I do have body pain all the time after my triple bypass. This is very simple. Everyone gets it if they live long enough. What causes it? It is a rock that hardens arteries.