Advances in Modern Cosmology

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Longair Abstract Although some of the observational and conceptual roots of modern cosmology can be traced back to the nineteenth century, it was only in the twentieth century that the study of the universe as a whole emerged as a genuine physical science. Editors Helge Kragh, editor Helge Kragh gained doctoral degrees in physics and in philosophy Read More.

Smith Relativistic models and the expanding universe Matteo Realdi Alternative cosmological theories Helge Kragh Steady-State theory and the cosmological controversy Helge Kragh Observational and astrophysical cosmology: — Malcolm S. Longair Relativistic astrophysics and cosmology Malcolm S. Longair The cosmic microwave background: from discovery to precision cosmology R. Bruce Partridge Space science and technological progress: testing theories of relativistic gravity and cosmology during the Cold War Silvia De Bianchi Observational and astrophysical cosmology: — Malcolm S.

A Summary of Modern Cosmology

Longair Inflation, dark matter, and dark energy Malcolm S. Longair and Chris Smeenk Stranger things: multiverse, string cosmology, physical eschatology Milan M. All rights reserved.

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In actual fact, the WAP doesn't say anything particularly profound at all. Therefore a universe with life in it exists. The SAP seeks to go further than the WAP, explaining that the universe has the properties which it has because humanity exists. The justification for the SAP has stemmed from the idea that there appear to be many physical quantities in cosmology which if tweaked ever so slightly would result in a radically different universe: a world without shining stars; a world without hospitable planets; a world without the necessities of life; and therefore presumably a world without humanity.

Marxists have long been familiar with the idea that small quantitative changes can transform into huge qualitative differences. Understanding precisely what complex forms of organisation would emerge from changing the most fundamental of constants is beyond any scientist. Despite this, many cosmologists are unsatisfied with or unaware of the idea that complexity is inherent in our universe and are convinced that humanity is so special that there must have been a predetermining factor in assuring our evolution.

Advances in Modern Cosmology

The implication is clear; that factor was Him. The only reason ours seems to be special is because we are here to observe it. The Anthropic Principle has many respected defenders in the field of cosmology, not to mention the numerous idiots who have latched on to an opportunity to rehabilitate their theological ideas. This all begs the question, why is it that modern cosmology is lending credibility to such antiquated ideas?

1. Introduction

The answer is that cosmologists find themselves in circumstances which have pushed them to abandon a scientific method. On the one hand, such science-fiction sells. The whole edifice of modern cosmology; dark matter, dark energy, big bangs, multiple universes and elusive particles; bad science or not, it receives huge amounts of funding whereas alternatives are starved. Funding comes from only a few sources, and all the peer-review committees that control them are dominated by supporters of the big bang.

As a result, the dominance of the big bang within the field has become self-sustaining, irrespective of the scientific validity of the theory.

Problems in various models of Modern Cosmology

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