Chemotherapy Regimens and Cancer Care (Vademecum)

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All the same, once you comprehend the causes of cancer and learn how to reverse those causes, you or your loved one may have more than a fighting chance of beating out cancer.

Perspectives on cancer therapy‐induced mucosal injury

Get My Free Ebook. Breast Cancer Survivors. Recommended Breast Cancer Survivors. Related Category Chemotherapy. Post a comment Name It is always educational to watch how you work things out. One small point: I know of no way that birth control pills can be used to regulate hormones. Roughly put, before ovulation there is high estrogen and low progestorone, and after ovulation there is high progesterone and low estrogen. To my knowledge, birth control pills only induce the second state except when the placebo pills are taken. Apparently we need to distribute this powder amongst our clergy and orthodox members as another means of NFP.

Chemotherapy Regimens and Cancer Care - Chemotherapy Days

Between a rock and a hard place: I see nothing in what you wrote to lead me to disagree with what your spiritual advisor says; I think you can have a clear conscience in that regard — though I can appreciate how difficult this all is. Being peaceful toward your wife, and not bringing it up, at all, and meanwhile praying, is a good approach. Thanks, Fr Fox.

What are ‘targeted’ cancer drugs?

And I appreciate your prayers, too. Say a few masses for us, if you would be so kind. God bless! Actually, what I really want is to have another child right now and would prefer to be trying to conceive, but he absolutely does not. I do NFP charting and attempt to encourage abstaining during the fertile time, but more often than not he insists on having relations during that time and uses a condom.

This is causing significant strife in our relationship. My wife and I practiced NFP for years, but have had pretty serious financial problems lately. She is early-menopausal and began to complain of difficult periods. For her, this all added up to justification for going on the pill, which she did. I think she is so stressed over our finances, and so afraid of becoming pregnant again that the difficult periods just pushed her over the edge.

I would much prefer that we continue with NFP, but to question her decision that she needed the pill for medical reasons would not help our marriage. In the end, that is her decision, and I have to trust her. My prayers are with you all. Keep praying, and know that the Lord is intimately aware of your struggles and your desire to please Him.

I wanna play with technicalities a little. Would anyone in his situation be responsible for asking the reason for being required to use contraception or is it possible for him to assume unless he hears otherwise that it is for hormonal regulation? Everyone should be on birth control. Could somebody reply to what Fr. Fox said? With some experience with my husband in peer-to-peer Christian marital ministry Retrouvaille and reading lots of JPII, it leaves a nasty taste in my mouth — they have the problem, right, ie they are a conjugal unit, acting mutually as one?

The one thing that must be remembered is that hormonal contraception has a forseeable reality of abortus conceptus. In that case that one can forseeably prevent this by abstinence, one should. Their are 4 conditions for double effect. Diagnosed just 2 weeks after the birth of our 9th baby Chemotherapy consisted of 6 months. Standard protocol is to put the patient on BC. We refused and chose abstinence for that time period instead.

That made it more difficult than ever, not to have the support of the medical community and to feel judged for doing what we felt was right. It is a heavy, heavy cross to be faced with the possibility of your own death and not receive the closeness and comfort and expression given in the marital embrace—to wonder if you will ever receive the consolation of the embrace again, or will you die?

Temptations of all sorts enter your mind. If you die, who will care for your children? Will your husband remarry? Will she be more loving, more holy than you? Will he be driven to someone else because you had to abstain for a long period of time and he is under stress? Will he become unattracted to you because you become bald, and gain weight from the chemo, or because you are depressed and down?

These thoughts enter your mind and affect your relationship. The temptor offers these thoughts to you and it takes every ounce of your energy to dispel them and send them away, knowing they are unjustified. You remind yourself of the vows you took and the strength you receive from the sacrament of Matrimony. You know that although you feel the well is dry, you muster up faith that you do not FEEL to remember God will guide and is with you both, and loves you and your spouse more than you could possibly love eachother…. Guilt, I might add, is not necessarily justified but exists nonetheless … The doctors told us that a pregnancy should NOT occur for 2 years afterwards.

We are now on the downside of this experience.

Chemotherapy drugs and combination regimens

It would have been VERY helpful to find guidance for this stressful time. Trying to do research and get words of Catholic encouragment while battling cancer is exhausting. Thank God for my patient and loving husband, for whom this was also a great trial.

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It is, in many ways, a blind leap of faith, suffering with trust and hope,not knowing what the outcome will be. More priests need to address this. More couples need to speak of their experiences and offer support to one another. Millions of people are diagnosed with cancer yearly. Most are married. Many are Catholic. God bless.

Current treatment of oral candidiasis: A literature review

She may stop ovulating or double ovulate or do anything in between…. My difficult case was assigned to an angel named Margaret Howard. She brought my case before the doctors at the Institute, and they further studied my circumstance and offered suggestions. Dear Pseudonym, Have courage. Your suffering can be redemptive. You are following Christ, picking up your undesired yet embraced cross, even to the extent that it causes you great personal suffering. In this world of Catholic-Christianity saints-in-the-making often must act blindly and in raw faith despite no assurances.