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"Correct" XML (valid and well-formed)

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What Are Markup Languages?

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We need a new document markup language — here is why

Sign up now. The point of this discussion is not to split hairs regarding the terminology used to describe XML documents. It is intended to help clarify the point that XML is a technology that enables the creation of custom markup languages.

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In the XML world, there are thousands of different markup languages, with each of them applicable to a different type of data. As an XML developer, you have the option of using an existing markup language that someone else created using XML, or you can create your own.

Extensible Markup Language (XML) - Class 10 X - Computer Science

When you create your own markup language, you are basically establishing which elements tags and attributes are used to create documents in that language. Not only is it important to fully describe the different elements and attributes, but you must also describe how they relate to one another. Examples of attributes for the player element might include name , hits , rbis , and so on.

How to create your own markup language? - Rails - Ruby-Forum

Just in case you're thinking of creating your own sports markup language, I might be able to save you some time by directing you to SportsML Sports Markup Language. This markup language has elements and attributes similar to the ones I described for your hypothetical softball markup language, except SportsML is much broader and covers many different sports. The question you might now be asking yourself is how exactly do you create a markup language?

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