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Erasmus Darwin

Also Available in:. Erasmus was strongly anti-Christian, and included Credulity, Superstitious Hope, and the Fear of Hell in his catalogue of diseases. Related Articles Did Darwin plagiarize his evolution theory?

Darwin, slavery, and abolition Patrick Matthew—the Scot who pre-empted Darwin. Further Reading Darwin is the universal acid that affects everything Darwin and eugenics. Related Media.

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References and notes Much of this article is based on King-Hele, D. Return to text. Barlow, N. Colliers Encyclopedia 7 , See Grigg, R. King-Hele, D.

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Numbers in brackets refer to volume and page number in the first edition of Zoonomia. Nichols, A.

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Dark Side of Charles Darwin. Sociable, eccentric and inventive, his original ideas on evolution, propounded in his poem, 'Zoonomia', were superseded by those of his grandson, Charles Darwin. List Thumbnail. Erasmus Darwin. Norman, after J. Can you tell us more about this person? If you have information to share please complete the form below. If you require information from us, please use our Archive enquiry service.

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The hydrodynamic theory of semicircular canal function was still nearly three-quarters of a century from postulation.

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The anatomical structure of the labyrinth could easily suggest that the semicircular canals were, indeed, aligned for optimal sound localization. Unfortunately, at the time of Wells and Darwin, the scientific bridge linking the vestibular labyrinth, head rotation, nystagmus, and vertigo had yet to be built.

With others working in this area, such as Ernst Josef Mach — , Josef Breuer — , and Alexander Crum Brown — , the discovery of the link between the vestibular system, vertigo, and eye movements quickly started to advance. Most of the vestibular research at the turn of the century came from either Germany or France, with German often being the language of choice.

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Although their work on vestibular physiology is without a doubt seminal, it is now worth considering whether or not the preliminary discovery of the sixth sense aptly belongs with Charles Wells, despite his lack of recognition at the time. From the beginning, the characterization of the original Aristotelian five senses was unchallenged for nearly 2, years. Although some argue that there are more than six senses—and these may include a premonition sense, an echolocation sense, or even a supernatural sense—most scientists would agree that providing scientific evidence for the existence of a universally accepted new human sense is a uniquely rare event—if such an event is even to occur again.

The discovery of the vestibular sixth sense was just such an event—a uniquely rare event. Exactly to whom the discovery of the vestibular sixth sense is credited may likely be debated forever. Because of that magazine-based duel, perhaps just perhaps Charles Wells can finally receive the proper credit he deserves. Gardner-Thorpe C and Pearn J. His Neurol — Wade N.

Like grandfather, like grandson: Erasmus and Charles Darwin on evolution.

J Vestibul Res 10 3 — New York: Springer Publishing. J Hist Neurosc — Wade N and Tatler B.

Erasmus Darwin / Historia de la ciencia

New York: Oxford University Press.