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Iranians have holidays that honor Ruholla Khomeini. Parsi or Farsi? Arabic is the language of Islam.

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People who speak Persian call their language Parsi. But Arabic has no sound for P. So in Arabic, the name sounds like Farsi. French, English, and Italian are part of this family too. Some artists use a fancy form of writing. They stretch, curve, or enlarge words in Arabic script. The words might be from the Quran, the Islamic holy book.

They might form a name, such as Muhammad. Or they might use words from a popular poem. Arabic script can be a work of art. Poet and math whiz Omar Khayyam lived in the s. His famous Rubaiyat is a collection of many four-line poems. The work is admired within and beyond Iran. Another poet, Saadi, lived in the s. He wrote Golestan The Rose Garden. The tales celebrate honesty, respect, and quick thinking.

Hafez lived in the s. He is known for his deeply personal poems. This Quran was created more than eight hundred years ago. He helps find his children marriage partners and jobs. Iranian children are close to their mothers. A mother makes sure her children feel valued and loved. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins are also close. Family businesses may bring together the youngest to the oldest members. The whole family works hard to take care of one another.

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A large extended family shares a meal. On holidays, elders are greeted first. They get the best seats at the table. And they are offered the tastiest food.

Iran also has a high population of young people. Nearly one of every three Iranians is fifteen or younger. A family in Iran enjoys a picnic in a park.

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They spend five years in elementary school. Girls and boys go to separate schools. Schools often run in two shifts—morning and afternoon. The shifts allow all kids to go to school. It is the first day of school for these girls in Tehran. Those who pass go on to three years of middle school. There, teachers help kids think about their skills and interests. This helps them plan for high school or college or for getting a job. Shirin Ebadi is proud to be Iranian.

She works hard to help her country. For her work, she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in She became the first Muslim woman to receive the prize. A class of Iranian boys watches a classmate write on the board. Many people from the country move to cities to find jobs. Sometimes they open their own shops. They may sell carpets or objects made of copper or brass.

They may sell clothing, spices, or candies. Merchants sell spices at the Grand Bazaar in Tehran. Long, wide streets and tall modern buildings are everywhere. The capital also has museums, markets, and a huge outdoor sports stadium. Other big cities include Tabriz, Mashhad, Esfahan, and Shiraz. We went to see Persepolis between two Iranian teams, can seat up to and Esteghlal. The stadium s amazing! The noise wa See you soon!

Many farm the land or raise livestock. Children often help with this work.

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They also help with other chores, such as taking care of younger children. Villagers, especially girls and women, may make goods to sell.

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They may sew clothes or make carpets. Rural areas have fewer schools. A woman smooths the walls of her house with mud. Some houses in Iran are made of mud.

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The best ones are made by hand. Each woolen thread is woven through a web and knotted. The carpets can take months to finish. Housing in the country is simple. One-level homes with flat roofs might be made of mud bricks. The homes stay cool in the hot summers. They often have only a couple of windows. Owners brighten up the homes.

Sometimes they paint the doors bright colors.

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