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Converting Between Degrees and Radians 0. Multiplying Matrices 0. Solving a System of Linear Equations 0. Using Complex Numbers 0. Simulating a Subclass of Fixnum 0. Doing Math with Roman Numbers 0. Generating a Sequence of Numbers 0. Generating Prime Numbers 0. Checking a Credit Card Checksum 0. Date and Time Introduction 0.

Ruby Cookbook

Finding Today's Date 0. Parsing Dates Fuzzily or Precisely 0. Printing a Date 0. Iterating Over Dates 0.

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Doing Date Arithmetic 0. Counting the Days Since an Arbitrary Date 0. Converting Between Time Zones 0. Finding the Day of the Week 0. Handling Commercial Dates 0. Running a Code Block Periodically 0.

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Waiting a Certain Amount of Time 0. Adding a Timeout to a Long-Running Operation 0. Arrays Introduction 0. Iterating Over an Array 0. Stripping Duplicate Elements from an Array 0.


Reversing an Array 0. Shuffling an Array 0.

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Ignoring Case When Sorting Strings 0. Sorting an Array by an Attribute of its Objects 0. Summing Each Item of an Array 0.

Sorting an Array by Frequency of Appearance 0. Getting the n Smallest Items of an Array 0. Building Up a Hash Using Injection 0. Extracting Portions of Arrays, Destructively and Non- 0. Treating an Array as a Queue 0. Computing Set Operations on Arrays 0. Partitioning or Classifying a Set 0. Hashes Introduction 0. Adding Elements to a Hash 0. Removing Elements from a Hash 0. Iterating Over a Hash 0.

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Iterating Over a Hash in Insertion Order 0. Printing a Hash written by Ben Giddings 0. Inverting a Hash 0.

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Choosing Randomly From a Weighted List 0. Building a Histogram 0. Making a Hash More Like a Struct 0. Remapping the Keys and Values of A Hash 0. Extracting Portions of Hashes written by Ben Giddings 0.

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Searching a Hash with Regular Expressions 0. Files and Directories Introduction 0. Checking to See if a File Exists 0. Checking Your Access to a File 0. Changing the Permissions on a File 0. Checking When a File was Last Used 0. Listing A Directory 0. Reading the Contents of a File 0. Writing to a File 0.

Writing to a Temporary File 0. Picking a Random Line from a File 0. Comparing the Contents of Two Files 0. Walking a Directory Tree 0. Locking a File 0. Backing Up to Versioned Filenames 0.

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Pretending a String is a File 0. Redirecting Standard Input or Output 0. Processing a Binary File 0. Deleting a File 0. Truncating a File 0. Finding the Files you Want 0. Finding and Changing the Current Working Directory 0. Code Blocks and Iteration Introduction 0. Invoking Blocks 0. Writing a Method that Accepts a Block 0. Binding a Block Argument to a Variable 0.

Writing an Iterator Over a Data Structure 0. Changing the Way an Object Iterates 0. Writing Block Methods that Classify or Collect 0. Stopping an Iteration 0. Looping Through Multiple Iterables in Parallel 0. Hiding Setup and Cleanup in a Block Method 0. Coupling Systems Loosely with Callbacks 0. Object-Oriented Programming Introduction 0. Managing Instance Data 0. Managing Class Data 0.

Checking Class or Module Membership 0. Writing an Inherited Class 0. Overloading Methods 0. Validating and Modifying Attribute Values 0.