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Sports Tourism in Kenya

Citations per document. Cites Year Value External Cites per document 0. Year International Collaboration 0. Show this widget in your own website. Great Ethiopian Run have doing this for the past 18 years, serving as a platform for tourists to have more awareness about Ethiopian people, cultures, norms, foods and their life styles in general.

Alongside the aforementioned enactments, the GER events also had a sound economic impact to our country. According to a report prepared for Great Ethiopian Run, by Dr. Some of their expenditures are international and local flights, hotel, accommodations, and helping charity organizations.

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These amounts of money were injected to our economy almost annually since , through the tireless and lone efforts by GER. That is why the involvement of Tourism Ethiopia to nurture it, is welcoming news for a sector, which requires comparatively a small investment, yet brought very high social and economic yields for the communities, if it is properly developed and managed. It causes traffic congestion, noise and pollution.

It disrupts the normal activity of the host community.

Construction of sport tourism facilities destroys the natural environment. Its benefits far outweigh its cost. It provides seasonal employment opportunities. It promotes local entrepreneurship. It is a good opportunity to showcase the culture of the host community. It facilitates provision, maintenance and improvement of social infrastructures. It stimulates the provision and development of existing sporting facilities. Attending sport tourism event is a complete waste of time. It disrupts academic calendar. Data in table 2 showed the distribution of respondents on how they perceive sport tourism.

Since the common opinion of the respondents involved in this study were neutral about sport tourism event leading to general increase in prices of commodities and that it causes traffic congestion, noise and pollution. Hence, these results are in line with the findings of Nancy and Craig who also concluded that sport tourism event does not lead to these problems.

Sports Tourism Organization of the Year

However, this could be due to the fact the events involved in both studies were not mega in nature. Impact of Sport Tourism. It distorts the pristine culture of the host community. It promotes host cultural activities. It provides opportunity to attend interesting event. It is an opportunity to have fun with family and friends.

What is Sports Tourism? | Sports Facility Management

It establishes the host cultural identity. It increases entertainment opportunity for the residents. It provides opportunity to meet new people. It makes residents feel good about themselves and their community. It showcases the host community in the positive light. It promotes the development and maintainance of public facilities. It creates temporary job opportunities. It increases turn over for businesses.

It provides incentives for the conservation of natural resources.

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It improves the provision and maintainance of infrastructures. Unlike in a similar study by Vogt and Jun who discovered that general residents were not as informed about the different types of tourism segments who visited their destination and therefore were not able to offer their opinion on the types of impacts they may have, data in table 4 above presents and summarized the opinions of the respondents on the impact of sport tourism on Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile — Ife. While some of these results agreed with the findings of Nancy and Craig , others supported the earlier work of Ntloko and Swart Therefore, sport tourism is a veritable tool for opening up, developing, and attracting tourists to a destination considering the fact that the inherent positive impact of such approach far outweighs the negative impact on the host community.

Plates 3: Family cohesion as a social impact of sport tourism. Negative Effects of Sport Tourism. It increases crime rate.

It causes traffic congestion and parking difficulties. Its development cost is too high. It encourages social vices. Only few members of the host community benefited. It increases general price level of commodities. It disrupts the lifestyle of residents and cause inconvenience. It creates litter, excessive noise and pollution. Construction of sport tourism facilities destroys the natural environment and causes damage to natural areas. Table 4 presents the responses of the interviewees on the negative effects of sport tourism on the host community.

While some of these findings concurred with the conclusion of earlier researchers in this field of study such as; Ntloko and Swart , Nancy and Craig , others were against them. Thus, it could be said that factors characterizing different sport tourism events such as; its nature, organizers, venue, duration, scope, participants etc.

Motivating Factors. Conducive weather condition. Government support. Support from sponsors. Economic gains. Community prestige. Availability of sporting facilities. Availability of fund. Availability of accommodation. Availability of social infrastructures.

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Hospitality of residents. This study further added a new thing to this field of study by identifying motivating factors for hosting sport tourism. Data in table 5 presents the outcome of this inquiry. Hypothesis One: There is no significant relationship between the socio — economic characteristics of respondents and perception of sport tourism. P — value. Marital status. Number of children. Level of education. Type of work. Monthly income.

Social organization.

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This implies that the various positions occupied by the respondents in the above listed socio — economic status played a significant role in influencing their perception of sport tourism. Hypothesis Two : There is no significant relationship between socio — economic characteristics of respondents and impact of sport tourism. This shows that the status of the respondents in relation to their socio — economic features partly dictates the impact of sport tourism on the respondents.

Standard deviation. Mean Deviation.