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The Art of Unix Programming

The shell is a command line interpreter CLI. It interprets the commands the user types in and arranges for them to be carried out. Staff and students in the school have the tcsh shell by default.

Filename Completion - By typing part of the name of a command, filename or directory and pressing the [ Tab ] key, the tcsh shell will complete the rest of the name automatically. If the shell finds more than one name beginning with those letters you have typed, it will beep, prompting you to type a few more letters before pressing the tab key again.

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History - The shell keeps a list of the commands you have typed in. If you need to repeat a command, use the cursor keys to scroll up and down the list or type history for a list of previous commands. A file is a collection of data.

Unix Commands I ACTUALLY Use

They are created by users using text editors, running compilers etc. All the files are grouped together in the directory structure.

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Targeted at intermediate or advanced Unix users who want to learn Unix OS core design in a simple and easy to understand. Originally published in but still this is considered the best book for learning Unix core and still used as reference book by the authors of newer Unix related books. Targetted at intermediate or advanced Unix programmers, the book covers more than seventy new interfaces more than ten thousand lines of downloadable, ISO C source code demonstrating than four hundred system calls and functions.

Recommended for software engineers switching to Linux programming and Linux programmers who want to have a excellent reference to Linux programming interface.

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